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(Video project by Nikolaj Juhlsen)
( BORN IN 1992)



Nikolaj Juhlsen riding
his snowboard in Sölden.
Nikolaj Juhlsen is a
danish videographer.
NIKOLAJ creates a wide
variety of different
content, but lately his
camera has been
focused on his huge
interest for extreme
sports like skiing,
skateboarding AND
mountain biking.

Nikolaj's love for extreme sports started when he was only 10. This was the first time he got to sit behind the wheel of a gokart. He was immediately hooked by the speed and fierce competition that racing gave him, even managing to win multiple kart races, and getting the chance to compete a full season in the Benelux Formula Ford championship. When Nikolaj wasn't behind the wheel, he could usually be found with a skateboard under his feet, enjoying the multicultural city of Aarhus (Denmark), or snowboarding in the French Alps. At age 17, while attending Oure Boarding School, Nikolaj tried XC mountain biking for the first time.
When Nikolaj was 27, a job opportunity appeared in Ötztal (Austria). He immediately jumped the chance to combine his passion for extreme sports with his love for videography, and moved from Aarhus (Denmark) to Sölden (Austria). In Sölden Nikolaj was once again introduced to mountain biking, but this time instead of XC, it was Enduro/DH. Being captured by the intensity of the steeper terrain and breathtaking views, he wanted to capture the experience for other people to enjoy. This is how TAKEARIDWITH.ME was born.
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